Control your luminousness.
A professional caliber game development engine,
with lighting for the next generation.

Tech Demo
BackStage & WorldEditor


Stunning innovative visual quality ---
Future real-time game graphics realized by the “Luminous Engine”, becoming one of the first to adopt path tracing.
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World Editor

From a massive Open World to a meticulously designed battle map, the World Editor is capable of automatically generating procedural terrain in real-time.
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The Luminous Engine does not only leverage the power of next-gen game consoles to bring forth the cutting edge ray tracing technique in real-time, but it also incorporates it utilizing its own unique technology.
Our engine makes it possible to render graphics real-time using path tracing, which requires more complex and a larger amount of data processing than ordinary ray tracing, while maintaining high frame rates. This capability allows you to materialize cutscenes the way you imagine it, with greater emotional impact and even better quality than real life.



Incredibly fast data loading
Our proprietary file management optimizes scene loading time, leading to incredibly fast data loading unseen in other engines.

画像:World Editor


The Luminous Engine effectively embraces a dynamically evolving Open World and captivating characters at the highest level. It creates a visually stunning game world using from optimized deferred shading to various screen effects, and advanced lighting technologies such as light probes and many more.