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株式会社Luminous Productions(以下「当社」といいます)は、以下の規約(以下「本規約」といいます)に従って、皆様が登録フォームにてご登録いただく個人情報(以下「個人情報」といいます)を取り扱います。




1. 個人情報の取り扱いにかかる管理責任者を置き、その管理責任者により、個人情報を適切に管理します。
2. 個人情報にアクセスする権限を持ち、適切な教育を受けた当社の役員及び従業員のみが利用目的に必要な範囲で個人情報を取り扱います。
3. 個人情報は、本規約に定める利用目的に必要な範囲で、個人情報を取り扱う業務を第三者に委託することがあります。その場合、委託先に対して、個人情報の適切な取り扱いを契約等で義務づけるとともに、必要かつ適切な監督を行います。 

1. 法的義務遂行のために必要な場合
2. 裁判所、検察庁、警察、弁護士会、消費者センター又はこれらに準じた機関その他の団体・個人から要請等を受けた場合
3. 当社、個人情報をご提供いただいたご本人又はご本人以外の第三者の生命財産又は名誉信用の保護のために必要と認められる等、正当な事由がある場合
4. 個人が特定されない方法により利用する場合
5. その他、法令により第三者への開示又は提供が許容されている場合


株式会社Luminous Productions人事部




Privacy Policy for Career Applicant:

Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. ("LP") will administer the personal information (“Personal Information”) that you supply in the application form in accordance with this Policy.

■Compliance with Legislation
LP will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and this Policy with respect to the acquisition, use, and handling of Personal Information.

■Use of Personal Information
LP will use the Personal Information only for the purpose other than those set forth below:
■Retention Period
LP will set a retention period for the Personal Information to the extent necessary for its purpose of use, and will delete or discard all Personal Information via appropriate methods after expiry of the period.

■Safety Control Measures
LP will take all necessary and appropriate safety control measures when handling the Personal Information in order to prevent the divulgence, loss, or damage thereof, while also striving to improve these measures.

■Supervision of Employees and Trustees
1. LP will appoint an administrator to handle the Personal Information and to ensure the proper management of the Personal Information.
2. The Personal Information will be handled solely by properly trained officers and employees of LP who are authorized to access such Personal Information.
3. There may be cases within the scope necessary for the usage purpose in which LP entrusts the handling of the Personal Information to third party. In such cases, LP will obligate the trustee by way of a contract, etc. to handle the Personal Information properly, and will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the trustee.
LP will entrust the business related to the contact with the applicant and the inquiry about personal information to Square Enix Co., Ltd.

■Disclosure to Third Parties
LP will not, except in the following cases, disclose or provide the Personal Information to a third party without obtaining your prior consent:
1. Cases in which it is necessary for LP to fulfill legal obligations;
2. Cases in which disclosure is required by a court, prosecutor’s office, police, bar association, consumer affairs bureau or other institution, entity, or individual similar thereto;
3. Cases in which there is due course, such as for the protection of the life, property, honor, or credit of the individual supplying the Personal Information or other third party;
4. Cases in which the Personal Information is used in a way that does not lead to the identification of the person; and
5. Any other case in which disclosure or provision is admitted by legislation or regulations.

■Inquiries concerning Personal Information
LP will respond as swiftly as possible if you request to disclose, correct or delete your Personal Information. Please contact the following mail address for the disclosure, correction or deletion of your Personal Information.
When requesting disclosure, correction, deletion of Personal Information, LP may confirm that you are the person by information (name, address, e-mail address etc.) that can identify you personally.
If not stipulated in this Policy, LP will handling your requests according to the Privacy Policy (https://www.jp.square-enix.com/privacy/index_en.html).

Contact to:
Human Resources Department of Luminous Productions Co., Ltd.
Mail Address:

■Change of the Policy
LP has the right to change, amend or revise the Policy any time without any notice to you.

Last Updated: March 25, 2019