To create games unlike anything experienced before,
fusing the world's latest technologies with art.

Luminous Productions is a global game studio founded in April 2018 by the Square Enix Group.
We are developing AAA and new franchise consumer and smartphone games using our internally-developed Luminous Engine, taking on the challenge of defining the cutting edge of game development.


A brand new gaming experience fusing the latest technology and art

Delivering new gaming experiences that transcend the imaginations of game enthusiasts around the world under the mission of “creating new IP with the latest technology" – this is the Luminous Productions style, which I hope will become our identity.

Yosuke Matsuda
President and Representative Director
Square Enix Holdings
荒牧 岳志

A studio that is always striving towards what it can bring to the world

I believe it is important that we engage younger generations through a meticulous market research and deliver our title to RPG fans all across the world. We aspire to be a studio capable of exploring and imagining new ways to further build our identity and deliver a new gaming experience to the world.

Takeshi Aramaki
Studio Head
Luminous Productions